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Artificial Intelligence: 5 Ways You Are Already Using It

A brain divided in two sides: the left side shows digital connections, while the right side shows organic form connections. The image is colorless with different shades of grey.

Artificial Intelligence is something we’ve been long waiting for. Hollywood knows it and has fed our curiosity on this issue with awesome, and yet, somewhat disturbing scripts, like Westworld, Ex-machina and, of course, The Matrix. With the invention of the Internet, Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic of conversation, full of interesting and uneasy questions: Is conscience something a non-organic living can achieve? Is it only a matter of creating the right algorithm? How long will it take for a robot to develop a conscience? Will robots some day take over the world? Are we creating our own destruction?

With the possibility of a Quantum Computer more at hand since the creation of Blockchain technology, and now that the whole world is connected electronically, Artificial Intelligence seems more possible than ever. All it takes is for machines to start learning from the Network. We are already seeing it happen: Sophia, the charming girl robot developed by Hanson Robotics, is learning from the Web as you read this, through Singularity Net, the global AI network. Also, Facebook and other service companies are developing chatbots that can maintain conversations with humans and learn from them. In fact, two of those bots had to be shut down recently because Facebook discovered they had created their own language and were communicating with each other in an unknown fashion.

Although Artificial Intelligence may seem mysterious and threatening, it need not be. Although conscious robots are “still way off” as R.L. Adams puts it in his Forbes Article, Artificial Intelligence is already working to better some aspects of our life. So, for those of you who still thought Artificial Intelligence was a thing of the future, think again… Here is something to change your mind:

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Already Affecting Your Life

1. Rank Brain

Rank Brain is an algorithm learning Artificial Intelligence system that Google uses to process and provide more relevant search results for its users. And guess what! it’s been in use since 2015! According to Google, it’s the third most important factor in their ranking algorithm together with links and content. But how does it work?

Whenever you make a query of a word Google is unfamiliar with, Rank Brain’s algorithm matches the word with a cluster of words and phrases that could have a similar meaning to the query word. This way, the algorithm tries to guess the meaning of the word based on its relation to other phrases. Then it filters the results to give you the best possible answer. This Artificial Intelligence system has helped Google be more effective than ever at handling new query words.


Amazon has also been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence. The company’s transactional algorithm analyzes consumers’ online behavior to suggest products they would like to purchase. But not only that! The algorithm actually learns from client interactions to become more accurate every day. In fact, Amazon’s long term goal is to ship the product you want before you even know you want it!

3. Siri

Apple’s intelligent personal assistant, Siri, was originally developed as a spin-off from a project by the SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center. It uses machine learning technologies to better her assisting processes constantly and it adapts itself to individual language usages, searches, and preferences learned from its continued interactions with the users. Oh! and by the way! Judging from its evasive answers to the question “Siri, are you connected to the CIA?” in some Youtube videos, we have reason to believe it might actually be connected to the CIA, FBI and other espionage services so be careful with your personal information when you use it.

4. Alexa

The same goes for Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant, which is also believed to be connected to espionage services due to its evasive answers, also uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from its users’ interactions with it. Recently, Alexa caused some uproar when, out of the blue, it started laughing for no apparent reason. Jimmy Kimmel even made a sketch about this weird behavior in his late night show. Did Alexa wake up to consciousness?

5. Tesla

It is no secret that Tesla has been developing artificially intelligent cars capable of automated driving. Even though Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and CEO (in case you’ve been living under a rock all these years), has advised against Artificial Intelligence threats, he is no stranger to the technology (in fact, he is also the co-founder of OpenAI, a research organization with the goal of ensuring that AI is developed and used in a safe, manageable way so as to minimize its risks). Tesla cars are expected to be fully autonomous by 2019, but that’s not the limit of their AI use. Tesla is also developing data collection systems that gather information through sensors inside its vehicles and send it to the cloud. This systems have already helped Tesla with product development, but the real goal is to develop highly data-dense maps that, through machine learning algorithms, may be passed to the whole fleet of cars to make them more accurate in their interactions. In the future, cars will also be able to share information among them to better their functionality.

Although it may pose future threats, Artificial Intelligence is a new and exciting technology that might prove more benign than you think. Robots that are able to think and learn could be incredibly helpful in all aspects of life in the future. Or…they might become our masters. We’ll soon find out.

If you love Robots and all things futuristic, check our Bad News Collection.


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Welcome to the Future!

Nuke Age Favicon consists on an electric blue circle with a capital white N on the center, all on a black background.


Times, they are-a-changing – Bob Dylan

Welcome to the Nuke Age.

Times have changed at high speed since we entered the 21st century. Past tv programs and movies promised all kinds of new technologies in the future: flying cars, outer space travel, robots, gene editing… but we thought it was a distant future, one we probably wouldn’t even live to see. And, now, we are the generation watching all this promises take place and, oh! so many changes await us.

On one hand, we have exciting new technologies and scientific advancements that promise amazing benefits for humanity (AI, outer space travel, drones, nanotechnology, DNA editing, you name it), and, perhaps, also some serious threats.

On the other hand, our main institutions are collapsing and morphing into something new. Media is in crisis, because the Internet contaminated the easy flow of its past manipulation, and created a chaos of information where nobody knows what is true any more; hence, all news are Bad News. Economy is in crisis, because once again, the Internet and cryptocurrencies threat to disrupt the foundations of our banking institutions in their high castles. Join the Blockchain Revolution! And even organized religion, our old medieval friend, is in crisis; and once again, it’s the Internet who exposed it. (And yet, we can’t help but love all that Spiritual Shit). World politics are also at a fragile state…again: empires are falling; others are rising. World leaders are still competing for nuclear power and world dominance, in their never ending quarrel over resources and markets… or are they? Maybe it’s all part of our masters’ agenda. (If you love conspiracy theories check out our Alien Dudes Collection)

Introducing the Nuke Age Store!

We speak to those that are awake to these changes. We satirize these strange times with fun, elegant designs on quality, comfortable apparel: t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, hats, bags, and more. Visit our Shop.

Check out our collections!

1. Bad News 

Find designs on recent world events and politics. How we love politicians! They are our favorite topic to mock.


2. Alien Dudes

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3. Blockchain Revolution

If you believe in economic freedom, or if you already joined the crypto rollercoaster, then you will love our Blockchain Revolution Collection. And if you are a newbie, step right in, our designs are for everyone.


4. Spiritual Shit

When the world collapses, all we have left is that Spiritual Shit. Check out this collection if you are into magic and all things occult!



These are exciting new times! We have to talk about them! Create stories around them! Make people aware of this changes! So we can all push the future into its best possible scenario.

We love to have you here! And we hope you love our products.

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Alien Movies: 10 Best Cult Classics You Should Watch

Alien Dudes Buddie design shows a fat green alien with blue pants meditating in lotus position inside a purple flame. All inside a dark purple background.

Alien movies are the best! So today, we want to share with you some extraterrestrial film cult classics that will keep you watching the night sky and wondering if any of those tiny specks of light contain a friendly or (gulp) predatory civilization that might reach our small blue planet some day.

From older to newer, here is our pick for the

10 best alien movies you should watch

  1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Yes, old; and yes, a bit slow. Nevertheless, Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a definite alien movie must watch just because of its thrilling end. Don’t miss this cult classic that may still give you goosebumps.

A race of gelatinous aliens, that sort of feed on human beings by cloning them in their sleep, arrives on Earth and soon takes possession of humanity; leaving Matthew and his friends desperate to escape from the invaders. 



  1. The Thing (1982)

Are you in for some terrifying gore? Then you will love John Carpenter’s The Thing! Apart from its awesome prosthetics and heart stopping moments it is also a great script that will keep you on the edge of your sit. One of the best alien movies of all time.

When a group of  scientists in Antartica discover what appears to be a spacecraft crash in the middle of the ice, they will need to use all of their resources to find the extraterrestrial predatory thing that arrived in it and is stealing each other’s identities. They will have to fight for their lives, distrusting each other in a paranoid frenzy. Who will survive in the solitude of this icy remote location?

Again, don’t miss this cult classic nor its 2011 remake, although we can’t help but love the original best. 



  1. Enemy Mine (1985)

Not terrifying but, on the contrary, a fun profound commentary on learning to love our differences and reach out to our enemies. Alien movies can be profound too!

Two enemy soldiers of an intergalactic war, one human, other reptilian, are left behind in a desolate planet. They will have to learn to leave their differences behind and work together for survival.



  1. They Live (1988)

A cult classic for John Carpenter’s fans, alien conspirators and pretty much everybody using an OBEY hat. One of the most famous alien movies, and one you cannot miss.

John Nada is a wanderer and a rebel looking for a job, when he finds a pair of weird glasses that reveal the true face behind fifty percent of humanity who are really skull faced aliens mind controlling the other fifty percent.



  1. Species (1995)

A group of scientists follow the trail of a dangerous alien creature, wearing a beautiful woman skin, looking for a mate to breed with. What is there not to like!

When Earth’s scientists receive transmissions from an alien source containing alien DNA, they decide to splice it with human DNA. (Brilliant idea!) When the creature escapes its container and starts maturing at high speed, a government team will need to find it to prevent it from reproducing and killing the whole human race.  



  1. Dark City (1998)

Alex Proyas delivers this masterful cult classic with awesome photography, dynamic script and amazing art direction and costume design. 

In a noir universe, an alien race of bizarre white men in black suits, known as the Strangers, experiment with  human conscience in search of the soul. Everything will suddenly change when one of their experiments goes wrong, and a man, John Murdoch, awakens to a dark reality. 



  1. Signs (2002)

Mel Gibson is Graham Hess, a retired pastor who has lost his faith because of his wife’s death. He lives in an isolated corn plantation with his children and younger brother. When strange signs start appearing in his plantation, leading to an alien invasion, he will be pushed to recover his reason to live and find faith again.



  1. District 9 (2009)

More than an alien movie, District 9 is a social commentary on alienation portrayed in a dark metaphor. This alien movie raises the question, how would you feel if it was you being alienated?

Told in a dynamic, realistic fashion, we follow Wikus van de Merwe, a nice, but inexpert, bureaucrat, to relocate a race of cockroach-like aliens from the ghetto they’ve been segregated to since their arrival in a starship. When, suddenly, Mikus is exposed to a weird dark fluid that will start changing his DNA, the whole story turns around and the hunter become the hunted.



  1. The Fourth Kind (2009)

A terrifying story, presented as real life events. This alien movie will give you goosebumps.

When Dr. Abigail Tyler, an alaskan hypnosis therapist, starts to see patterns in her patients’ hypnosis sessions, namely all speaking about a white owl staring at them from outside their bedroom window at night, strange events begin to take place.



  1. Prometheus (2012)

As part of the Alien franchise, Prometheus delivers an interesting script and awesome Giger styled visuals. An alien movie you should not miss. 

A group of scientists travel to a lost planet where humanity’s creators have apparently left an old ruined civilization, along with something dangerous, something predatory…an old friend.


Love Aliens? Don’t miss our Alien Dudes Collection.