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Welcome to the Nuke Age

“Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist” – George Carlin

We live in the Nuke Age, an era of institutional crisis and nuclear threats; open-sourced technologies and alienated connectivity. On one hand, exciting scientific developments promise extraordinary benefits for humanity (AI, gene editing, nanotechnology…you name it); and perhaps, also some very serious threats

On the other hand, our old institutions are collapsing and morphing into something completely new. Media is in crisis since the Internet polluted the easy flow of its past manipulation. We now live in an information dystopia where nobody knows what is true any more; hence, all news are Bad NewsEconomy is in crisis with cryptocurrencies threatening our banking institutions in their high castles. Join the Blockchain RevolutionPolitics are at a fragile state too: empires are falling; others are rising. World leaders still compete for world dominance in their never ending quarrel over resources and markets… or do they? Maybe it’s all part of our masters’ agenda. (Love conspiracy theories? Check out our Alien Dudes Collection). And even organized religion, our old medieval friend, is in crisis; and once again, it’s the Internet who exposed it. (Yet, we can’t help but love all that Spiritual Shit).

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